This is Patchvogue


People expect fashion to always be available and cheap. In no way is this combination ecologically sustainable. Don't compromise when it comes to our earth.

Patchvogue is aesthetics, love and sustainability in fashion. Every piece is designed and tailored with love. Are you convinced of our products?

Try them yourself.



Every piece is designed by us. They consist of damaged and old vintage clothes which are repaired and upcycled by combining them with additional material. The materials are used in multiple pieces which makes the design an ecologically sustainable process.



Every piece is tailored in Germany. Local tailoring allows for a more flexible supply chain and makes the tailoring 100% sustainable.



Every piece will be prepared for delivery as fast as possible. We re-use old packaging to save resources. Please don't be surprised if you receive a package from a company that you don't recognize.

Don't judge the delivery by its cover because what matters is inside.